Send SLP Token

Send a specified amount of an SLP token to a destination address


  • txParams Object containing to, from, value and sendTokenData properties

    • to string cashaddr address of token destination
    • from string cashaddr address of user's address
    • value string token amount to send
    • sendTokenData Object containing tokenId and tokenProtocol properties
    • tokenId string id of token

      • Simple Ledger: The txid of the geneis transaction
    • tokenProtocol string protocol of the token
    • slp for Simple Ledger Protocol tokens
  • Callback with error and response parameters


Success txid contains the transaction id

Failure err will contain error details


  if (typeof web4bch !== 'undefined') {
    web4bch = new Web4Bch(web4bch.currentProvider)

    var txParams = {
      to: "bitcoincash:pp8skudq3x5hzw8ew7vzsw8tn4k8wxsqsv0lt0mf3g",
      from: web4bch.bch.defaultAccount,
      value: "1000",
      sendTokenData: {
        tokenId: 'df808a41672a0a0ae6475b44f272a107bc9961b90f29dc918d71301f24fe92fb',
        tokenProtocol: 'slp'
    web4bch.bch.sendTransaction(txParams, (err, res) => {
      if (err) {
        console.log('send err', err)
      } else {
        console.log('send success, transaction id:', res)


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