Launch a console w/ the entire Bitcoin Cash RPC available as well as dozens of helper methods via a built in BITBOX object. Pass in an --environment flag to connect to environments defined in a local bitbox.js. By default console will connect to your development environment.

$ bitbox console --environment production
BITBOX.Address               BITBOX.BitcoinCash           BITBOX.Block                 BITBOX.Blockchain            BITBOX.Control               BITBOX.Crypto                BITBOX.ECPair                BITBOX.Generating            BITBOX.restURL
BITBOX.HDNode                BITBOX.Mining                BITBOX.Mnemonic              BITBOX.Network               BITBOX.Price                 BITBOX.RawTransactions       BITBOX.Script                BITBOX.Socket
BITBOX.Transaction           BITBOX.TransactionBuilder    BITBOX.Util
Quickly test your ideas
bitbox console

> BITBOX.BitcoinCash.toSatoshi(9)
// 900000000

> BITBOX.Address.toLegacyAddress('bitcoincash:qzm47qz5ue99y9yl4aca7jnz7dwgdenl85jkfx3znl')
// 1HiaTupadqQN66Tvgt7QSE5Wg13BUy25eN

// create mnemonic
> let mnemonic = BITBOX.Mnemonic.generate(128);
// ancient slide suggest chaos vivid property trophy faith bamboo lunch save hint

// create seed buffer from mnemonic
> let seedBuffer = BITBOX.Mnemonic.toSeed(mnemonic);

// create HDNode from seed buffer
> let hdNode = BITBOX.HDNode.fromSeed(seedBuffer);

// derive hardened child HDNode
> let childNode = BITBOX.HDNode.derivePath(hdNode, "m/44'/145'/0'");
> BITBOX.HDNode.toXPriv(childNode)
// xprv9yHczLBaxwHo85o8mJVHSu1ghxEWM2QZcrvWFvHWXgkqfuqNz6EDNxv4wAPTBwX7nkrnBTPgdCZi7qyQAF72MF4KTq9UzzygDhvBajpwScs

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