Develop on Bitcoin Cash

Help bring financial sovereignty to the world


Fully featured javascript framework. Offering utility methods for Mnemonics, HDNodes, ECPairs, Crypto, Address conversion, Transactions and much more.


BIP44 development wallet. Convert between cashaddr/legacy addresses. Create QR codes for WIF, XPub and XPrivs. Sign and verify messages.


The BCH JSON RPC over HTTP including a fully documented and interactive GUI which developers can use to test their ideas and confirm their code is making proper API calls.


Experience a paradigm shift. Smart contracts and Tokens for Bitcoin Cash.


Tokenize anything. Everything you need to easily issue, spend or trade your own token.


Blockchain-as-a-Service. Infrastructure to deploy and scale your apps. An ecosystem of add-ons for data, monitoring, logging, metrics, testing and more all built w/ BITBOX.

Coming soon


Paid downloads, streaming media, in-app purchases, tokens and more ways for you to monetize.

Coming soon


Testnet BCH and WHC for developers.

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