Your Personal Blockchain


Full BCH blockchain and BIP44 wallet for use during development.


Instant BlockChain

Your own Bitcoin Cash blockchain to configure however you choose. It’s recreated from scratch each time you restart GUI. It doesn’t connect to the real network and only consists of transactions and blocks which you create locally so it’s quick and responsive.

BIP44 development wallet

Create as many BIP44 accounts as you want on mainnet or testnet. See their address, WIF, XPub and XPriv.

Address Conversion

Paste in legacy, cashaddr, wif, xpub or xpriv and get address conversion and QR codes.

Sign/Verify messages

Sign messages in legacy or cashaddr with any address in your GUI. Verify messages in legacy or cashaddr from any wallet.

Configured how you like it

Create as many accounts as you need. Vary the entropy in the mnemonic. Supports 8 languages. Custom HD Paths. Add a password. Mainnet or Testnet.