Configure your GUI exactly how you need it. Each time you restart GUI it will launch a completely new BCH blockchain for your local development.


Create as many BIP44 accounts as you want by increasing or decreasing the "Total number of accounts to generate"

Increase/decrease the amount of entropy to change the length of the generated mnemonic.

  • 16 bytes/128 bits for 12 words
  • 20 bytes/160 bits for 15 words
  • 24 bytes/192 bits for 18 words
  • 28 bytes/224 bits for 21 words
  • 32 bytes/256 bits for 24 words

Generate a mnemonic in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese or Chinese simplified/traditional

Enter your own custom mnemonic. Derive addresses from your own custom HD Path. Use a password. Toggle between cashaddr and legacy addresses. Generate keys on mainnet or testnet.