Hello World

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is growing quickly. People all over the world are being drawn to the compelling original vision of frictionless and borderless money facilitated by on-chain scaling. The goal of BITBOX is to build a suite of tools which help accelerate the quality and quantity of applications built on top of the $BCH platform.


Writing a $BCH app is challenging. There is a ton of stuff to be on top of. Wallets, addresses, accounts, inputs/outputs, transactions, blocks and more. Add to that web bindings, JSON RPCs, tests, versioning and deployment and it becomes clear that a suite of tools is needed to abstract away all the common and repetitive tasks so that developers can focus on what they do best which is creating amazing applications.

Introducing BITBOX

We’re very happy to bring you BITBOX! Inspired by the great Truffle Framework and Ganache, BITBOX consists of both a GUI and command line utility.

The GUI lets you quickly spin up your own $BCH blockchain that you can use to run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates. The command line utility lets you quickly stub out an application w/ web bindings and tests as well as a console w/ the entire $BCH RPC available.

More coming soon

It’s our intention to help SUPERCHARGE the Bitcoin Cash developer ecosystem and there is more being added to BITBOX daily.

BITBOX is on GitHub under the MIT Open Source License. We welcome any and all contributions, and feature suggestions.