Wormhole Pt 3. Create tokens and crowdsales


In post 1 we set up your development environment and downloaded the Wormhole SDK. In post 2 we set up a full Wormhole node and confirmed wormholeREST could speak to it. Finally we're ready to create our own tokens.

Wormhole supports 3 main types of tokens—fixed supply, managed supply and crowdsales. We'll look at each of those but first let's get some WormholeCash.

Getting WormholeCash

Every Wormhole transaction is an on-chain BCH transaction w/ an OP_RETURN. However WormholeCash WHC is the native token of the platform. It's used to create new tokens and to purchase tokens in crowdsales. WHC is created by sending 1 BCH to a burner address which gives you 100 WHC. Burning BCH is controversial and we don't take it lightly. There are plenty of WHC for sale on markets such as Coinex so we recommend getting WHC that way instead of burning any more BCH.

To start out you want to fire up the wormholeREST that you configured previously.

RPC_BASEURL=http://your-ip-address:18332/ RPC_PASSWORD=h4x0r RPC_USERNAME=l33t NETWORK=testnet npm run dev

Once that's fired up go to wallet/newAddress and create a new address. Here we're using


wormhole pt3 1

we then sent our new address 2.6 testbch. ea9d45484acbef6f040df92bd638e9c84c6ba82388df2446ca4523e039b0d887

Next go to transaction/burnBCHGetWHC, enter 1 for the amount of testBCH to burn and enter a redeemAddress where we want any change utxo sent. Doing this created txid 44bc0cdc205c0cc71adf291a65f18521f5b39fe241f54357f084a951eb038959.

wormhole pt3 2

There are 2 things worth nothing here. First the 1 testBCH which was burned wasn't taken from the 2.6 we just sent in the previous steps. It now has 2.61059032. The newly created 100 WHC have been assigned to bchtest:qrf4ckh0uzfryvf9dlapje3crzl48agryv70t803gk. When we passed in the redeemAddress it sends BCH change from the burn tx but not the newly created WHC. For that it creates a new address.

When you call

it will return the balances for any tokens which that address owns. Note the propertyid property. 1 is WHC. When we create tokens in the coming steps they will be given their own propertyid.

wormhole pt3 3


Since every Wormhole transaction is just a BCH transaction w/ an OP_RETURN each step we're about to do will cost a small amount of BCH for a miner fee. I'm using walletSendToAddress to send just enough BCH to each address to cover the miner cost. I'm only showing it once in the screenshot below but I am doing it for each account that I send from.

wormhole pt3 4

Token with fixed supply

Creating a token costs 1 WHC. Now that we have some testWHC we're ready to create some tokens. We'll start w/ a token which has a managed supply.

Time Machine Token TMT

Let's say you have a time machine which can hold yourself and 3 passengers. You want to issue tokens for your time machine on BCH because you know all good time travelers accept BCH. You decide to create a new token called Time Machine Token w/ a fixed supply of 3 tokens and a ticker of TMT. For that you use transaction/fixed.

transaction/fixed accepts several arguments so let's go over them.

wormhole pt3 8

  • fromAddress This is the address to spend 1 WHC from in order to create a new token. We'll use our address which has 100 testWHC
  • ecosystem The ecosystem to create the tokens in. It must be 1.
  • propertyPrecision This is the precision of the tokens. It's the number of decimal places the coin should have. In our case we want 3 whole coins so we put 0.
  • previousId An identifier of a predecessor token. We use 0 which is the code for new tokens.
  • category We put "Travel"
  • subcategory Here we use "Time Travel"
  • name This is the ticker symbol. In our case it's TMT
  • url A URL for further information about the new tokens
  • data A description for the new tokens
  • totalNumber The number of tokens to create. We use 3

After running this we have a new token w/ propertyid 141. It has a ticker of TMT and 3 total units. Note that

now has 99 WHC (propertyid 1) because it cost 1 WHC to create TMT. That address also now has 3 TMT (propertyid 141) which is the token we just created.

wormhole pt3 5

You contact your 3 favorite friends and have them send you a BCH address.

  • Friend 1:
  • Friend 2:
  • Friend 3:

To send them each 1 TMT you go to transaction/send and paste in

to the fromAddress since it is the address which controls the 3 TMT. Paste
in to the toAddress field for your first friend's address. That creates txid 61461167c8f4f63ee8e9849d1db05d6f2bc4269e37f63fe428af28cb02e8871c. Sending 1 TMT to each of the other addresses give us d6bcc4215d1faab09f405f027288252720941ea52416a76be684528df5d36df9 and a596d7361f7fb735cd740390270fbdc6239136e649ac1e8438712ae8880d29e2

Now you can call

and see each of our friends now have 1 TMT.

wormhole pt3 6

You go cruising with your friends through time and each time you leave the time machine you send each friend a token. And each time every one boards the time machine they send you back 1 TMT.

Somewhere along the way one of your friends decides they want to leave the time machine so they transfer their TMT to a 4th friend at

. For that you use transaction/send.

wormhole pt3 7

This creates a txid e2a68d3a062b3ed95702450d627e5ab2ba034586b11f2a46185728c0cc958772.

Any time someone wants to board your time machine all they have to do is send you 1 TMT via transaction/send. Also scarcity drives value so a market could spring up around TMT as a greater number of people want to ride in the time machine but the TMT are limited in number.

This works fine but what if someone loses their TMT? With a fixed supply you're unable to create new tokens. For that you need managed supply.

Token with managed supply

Let's imagine we designed a new quantum mining ASIC. We want to create a Quantum Mining Coin w/ a QMC ticker which we can offer as shares to our employees. Each month we'll pay a portion of our profit as dividends to QMC holders. We'll want to create a token w/ a managed supply so that we can grant and revoke tokens as needed.

First let's create a new address

and send it 1 WHC w/ txid ada116eebaa9481caef375ab0746742277f86084dd43f9ee6055b4c4cad44ad2. Now that our new address has 1 WHC we can create a new token w/ a managed supply. For that we use transaction/managed.

wormhole pt3 9

Here we're sending from the address that we just created and sent 1 WHC to,

, and we're setting the name to QMC. This creates propertyid 142. Note totaltokens is 0. That's because w/ managed unit tokens you have to grant tokens for them to exist.

wormhole pt3 10

Now that we have our QMC let's grant some to the members of our new startup.

Everything is going great but now you need to do a couple of things. First you need to change the primary address that can grant tokens as part of your key rotation security protocol. Second you need to revoke all QMC from Engineer 2 based on their poor performance.

First we'll change the primary address which can issue tokens. For that we create a new address

and use transaction/changeIssuer passing in the existing primary address, the new address and the propertyid of 142 for QMC.

wormhole pt3 11

This creates txid 376bb341397674d906ca51a36f63ffed9a79487a3ee3f54b7857f017ece25654 of type Change Issuer Address.

wormhole pt3 12

If we call dataRetrieval/property we can see it updated issuer to be our newly created address and totaltokens is now 28,000 which is how many tokens we've granted to our 5 startup employees.

wormhole pt3 13

Next we want to revoke the 1,000 QMC of Engineer 2 as they are leaving the startup before they've vested. To do that first we send the 1,000 QMC from Engineer 2 to our new issuing address via transaction/send. This gives us txid adad71beb476255764a3f61db28b549bf5b1cbe1810c599026262554951b744a.

Now if we check the balances for QMC with dataRetrieval/balancesForId we can see the 1,000 QMC have been transferred from Engineer 2 back to our issuing address.

wormhole pt3 14

Finally we need to revoke those 1,000 QMC so they are no longer part of the total QMC total. For that we use transaction/revoke.

wormhole pt3 15

This creates a Revoke Property Tokens tx w/ an id of 184ecd368c9f04ca972f865c94da2f2a16b1996052ab8b23ea909f14a863d7ac.

wormhole pt3 16

You can now confirm via dataRetrieval/property that QMC only has 27,000 coins in circulation. The 1,000 from Engineer 2 have successfully been revoked.

wormhole pt3 17

Now that we've seen how to issue tokens with a fixed or managed supply let's check out how to launch a crowdsale/ICO.


First we want to create a new address,

, and send it 1 WHC in txid 86c69a0f6da018a34524b86f13f541149c8c806b32fc314c63d03f5ffae64885.

wormhole pt3 18

Now we're ready to create our crowdsale. We want to raise funds to perfect our life extension tech. For that we're going to create a Life Extension Token w/ a ticker of LET and we're going to have a crowdsale where we offer 1000 LET for 1 WHC. There will be in total 28,000 LET. Owners of LET will be able to redeem them 1000 LET for 1 Life Extension session.

To create a crowdsale first go to transaction/crowdSale. Enter the newly created address, precision 0 so we only have whole coins, the ticker symbol LET for the name and the total units of 28,000.

wormhole pt3 19

This creates propertyid 145 for our newly created LET token.

wormhole pt3 20

Now we tell the world about our crowdsale. We're raising funds so we can bring Life Extension to the world! People can participate in our crowdsale via transaction/partiCrowSale.

wormhole pt3 21

Our Crowdsale is super successful and we sell out all of our tokens. qr8yyx5texpj2hghhw0s3ksak8w540xuq5jp3th5fz bought 1000 LET. qzmqpnws9vd24hq9yx8xq3mzql0j8kejjqhdct78sf bought 2000 LET. qzv3zsanhrl8hxuj7h46sqswu6cqgy5zhyq3r4ufa7 really believes in the idea and bought 25,000 LET!

wormhole pt3 22

Now backers can send us 1000 LET and redeem 1 Life Extension session. The crowdsale was a total success. Selling the 28,000 LET raised 28 WHC which we can use to fund our idea.

wormhole pt3 23


Congrats on making it this far! You set up your development environment and installed Wormhole SDK. You then configured a full Wormhole node. In this last post you created tokens with fixed and managed supply and launched an ICO. You now have everything needed to start creating your own tokens directly on Bitcoin Cash.

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